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Heiya!Well, I'm FireHeart, and today it's the first day of my bilingual page. I noticed that a lot o' people were missin' this great page 'coz it was in Spanish only, but now we have it in Elnglish too! Allright! If you don't understand the spanish very well, at least you'll understan english, I hope. I don't really have a lot to say now, besides... a special thanx to Amy if you're readin' this. Thanx for bein' my friend all these time! ^_^

Here you'll find different things 'bout Dragon Ball, includin': Comic, Music, a HUGE Collection of pictures, animated gifs and a lot more! Enjoy it! :)
  • The characters
  • Some DB pics...
  • What do the names mean?
  • Movies (.mov) of Dragon Ball
  • If you don't like this page, click here and check out more pages
  • Dragon Ball musics of 'round the world
  • Info 'bout Dragon Ball/Z/GT (It'll take a while to translate)
  • Da' weekly Dragon Ball poll
  • Check out the past poll's results!
  • Animated Gifs
  • Weekly Dragon Ball Comic
  • Lyrics for some DB songs

    vegita12trunks12 gohan12goten12gokuu12raditz12nappa12piccolo12buu12bulma12freeza12culilin12Tien y chaozu


  • Important: If you want the CD tell it to ME, at my adress

    Also visitNeKO Online & On air Homepage, mexican Sketches Y graffitis page of NeKo. Also, Linx to really cool pages (spanish)

  • this file and you'll see how cool it is!

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